Who wants to be a Celebrant?

I do!

It’s funny that these two little words mean so much and they are my favourite two little words in my whole wide celebrant world. I love to make people happy and especially on the happiest day of their life – their wedding day. Marrying people was what I was born to do.

Just like some people want to be doctors or lawyers when they grow up, I wanted to be something else, unique & sophisticated. It took me a while to figure it out but I got there and here it is….. I realised that I love –LOVE! How could I share this feeling? Hang out at the airport and watch travellers, loved ones coming and going, smiling at them? There had to be something better. So I asked myself, where do you find love, besides the airport? It came to me, at weddings or naming and commitment ceremonies and all of life’s celebrations.  Weddings was what I couldn’t stop thinking about, everybody loves a wedding, right? How good would it be to marry people? PoP! Bring out the champagne, there it was, I want to be a celebrant and marry people… and now I do.

Everyone deserves the wedding of their dreams. Whether it’s combining traditions or speaking in different languages I’m even free to jet off to Italy, if that’s what you dream of. I can make your wedding a reality. It’s the Joie De Vivre, the Joy of Life and I’m here to make your wedding ceremony the most memorable, on the best day of your life.

I believe in being the best celebrant I can. I understand the full life cycle of the ceremony world, which is why I perform naming ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies, weddings, commitment ceremonies, renewal of vows and funerals.

If you are interested in becoming a Celebrant, contact the International College of Celebrancy on 1300 446 786 or email  and say hi to Yvonne for me!

I am living, and celebrating life!

Cassandra Iacono

Wedding and Civil Celebrant

Weddings, Commitment & Naming Ceremonies, Funerals. All of Life’s Celebrationsxc175846600-hands-cupping-a-heart-gettyimages


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