Wearing white to your wedding….?

This is very topical at the moment. We see our favourite celebrities wearing wedding dresses of all colours. Pinks, reds and even black wedding dresses, why? Is it to be different from the pack, perhaps it’s because they often get to wear the traditional wedding dresses in the movies and video clips, who knows, each unto their own I say!

Every bride wants to feel that emotional rush when you find the right wedding dress for your wedding ceremony. Looking in the fifty mirrors that surround you and checking out which butt angle looks best. This is when the realisation that you are getting married to the one you love, the one you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with hits you. As this surge swells… you burst into tears looking at your loved ones for that approving smile. That is often how it goes right, or am I just watching too much wedding TV?

Are we forgetting why we are wearing a white wedding dress?

Besides the fact they look so pretty, is it because of the personal traditional importance? White signifies purity and innocence which makes me understand the link to virgins in the olden days. In chromotherapy, white is the sign of a new beginning, but not all colours have the same meaning in each culture. For example white is the colour of mourning in China and red is the colour of prosperity, love and good fortune for the wedding day. Spirituallyspeaking, white is the colour of cosmic consciousness and inner peace. It all comes down to your personal preference for your wedding day and how you choose to honour your heritage and wedding traditions. Being Italian, we have enough wedding traditions and superstitions to go round.

The white wedding dress has been around since the beginning of time, the Romans wore a white woollen tunic’s. The Medici family in ancient Venetian times created a white gown incrusted with jewels as a symbol of their wealth and stature. The Native American Apache brides wore white robes and in western culture Queen Victoria made it popular in 1840 at her wedding to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg.

Wear whatever wedding dress you want to wear.

It’s your wedding, and make sure your celebrant compliments your colour scheme.

I believe to be the best celebrant I can, I must understand the full life cycle of the ceremony world, which is why I perform naming ceremonies, coming of age, weddings, commitment, renewal of vows and funerals.


I live, and celebrate life!

Cassandra Iacono

Wedding and Civil Celebrant

Weddings, Commitment & Naming Ceremonies, Funerals. All of Life’s Celebrations!




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